i am that person who constantly jiggles their leg i’m s orry

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actual footage of gays destroying the sanctity of marriage

How dare those gays raise happy children in a loving home. it’s disgusting.

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@AnselElgort Look at that view!

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send me “if i was dating you” descriptions



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Well the people who wanted me to do a NSFW blog might be happy to know that I may be doing a racy photo shoot soon c; nothing nude but less than I’m used to. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Spent all day picking blueberries. I’m so tired! It took all I had to not eat every berry I picked. The city people buying these better appreciate my self control! It’s not easy for me to not eat fruit that’s right in front of my face.

nocturnalskeletons: I just happened upon your blog and might I say that both it and you are perfect!

Wow! Thank you so much! ❤️